To demonstrate
 To support 
To demonstrate 
To support 

The Truth 
The Value 
Of one’s essence 
Of one’s heart

I’ve struggled 
I still do 
To see myself the way you see me 
The way I should see me too

I don’t see the value 
In who I am 
In what I offer 
I cry and grovel 
From scraps 
A piece of something he or she 
cannot and should not 

He offers something more, 
Something I can and will adore 
A love like none other 
I say this all the time 
But it doesn’t seep into my mind 

‘Reckless love’ 
Yet I’m still a reck 
I’m still a mess 
I’m still nothing less or more 
Stuck in that place 
Of feeling ignored 
Feeling under appreciated 
Feel unseen 
But he calls my name 

He knows who I am 
I have never been so sure 
I can never doubt his love no more 

God is my validation 
My inspiration
My guide 
My joy 


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