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‘You wanna see my power? I’ll show you’

 ‘He will not let your foot slip– he who watches over you will not slumber;
indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.’

– Psalm 121:3-4




Okay, so I don’t even know where to start with this. I just know it deserves and NEEDS to be shared. Prior to beginning my exam journey, I had a breakdown. A really bad, painful, fear-filled breakdown. I felt stupid, I felt overwhelmed and I felt so ridden with fear, it’s as though the devil had won.

But no, he did not and canNOT win..EVER. After speaking to my mum, sisters and parents – I was reminded of the power in trusting God because, “the one who trusts in the Lord will NEVER be put to shame” (1 Peter 2:6). I began to feel more empowered and decided that if I really wanted to see God at work in the same way so many around me had testified, I just had to ask. “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7) 

So I asked God to show me his power, and he FRICKING SHOWED ME HIS POWER. Please gauge the amount of detail in this situation:

So my housemate and sissy (Obehi) had finished her exams today and we decided that today would be a day of celebration. We were leaving school having ordered our food for this and I remember distinctly picking my phone from the table we had sat on, consciously telling myself, ‘Tolu pick up your phone bby’ 😉

We got to the bus stop and decided to wait for our bus to come and I remember thereafter using my phone for a bit until the bus came. We got on the bus and I used my phone a bit more but remember feeling tired and wanting to sleep so in my hea,d I put my phone away in order to do so.

In the course of all this, a suspicious looking guy came on the bus. I personally felt as though he was either drunk or on some type of drug but I know how I’ve misjudged people in the past so I simply carried on catching my z’s. He was on a phone call which I found quite humorous as what he was talking about didn’t really make sense nor was it really flowing but I sha kept it to myself and continued on sleeping.

Eventually, we got near home. He got off the bus in a stop that was about 3 stops way from our house and we all noticed how he kept on staring back at the bus suspiciously. However, we didn’t think much of it and laughed it off. When we left the bus at our stop, something dropped in my spirit (a spirit filled instinct I get a lot of the time) letting me know that I had left my phone and it wasn’t with me. I hadn’t surveyed the area upon leaving – something my mum has taught me to do consistently and assumed my phone was in my coat pocket as my coat felt a tad heavy.

We got home, ready to balance & enjoy our chow/movie. However, my phone was no where to be found….My bag isn’t one of the mysterious kinds that hide everything. If something isn’t there, it isn’t there. And my phone wasn’t there. I checked my coat pockets – also empty. At this point, I  began to freak out and think of how disappointing this would be to my parents who are spending SO much on my education and accommodation and general upkeep as it is – this wasn’t another thing I wanted to hold over their heads, especially considering the fact I haven’t exactly had the best track record with phones 😦

I told my housemates, who despite being just as hungry and tired as I was were so on job – it must’ve have been the holy spirit. One of them (Lolade) immediately decided we make use of the blessed app, (#GodBlessApple) ‘Find My iPhone’ and I was reluctant because I felt not only would that confirm that it was definitely on the bus and as the bus’ office was closed as of this time I would have to wait till tomorrow to get it back but that I most likely (knowing me) wouldn’t know my password nor would I have it written down anywhere but on my phone. She still brought her iPad to use the app (bear in mind, this iPad more often than not has a dead battery and the last time she tried to use this app, it didn’t work) and by God’s grace I found my password and logged in.

This was when we noticed that the phone was not moving but rather was stagnant at a place called ‘The Farmhouse Coventry,’ I assumed this was the last stop on the bus and explained why the phone wasn’t enroute. We googled the location and discovered it was actually on the way to our house bus stop meaning that someone had clearly taken the phone. We retraced steps and realised that the area was where the suspicious guy had gotten off the bus. And immediately decided we had to trace this guy because no one can steal from the Holy Spirit and go off scot-free, HOW POSS?

Thankfully, Lolade  still had a £3 off deal from a cab service – one which she had planned to use on a different day but didn’t. The cab ride was only £3.24 – 24p was spent.  As we got there, little did we know that he was sat outside. The cabs we get are usually always of a darker colour, our cab was white this time and hard to miss so he could’ve easily noticed us and run off. However, my God does not slumber nor does he sleep. Obehi noticed that he was there – although unsure still urged us to hide and make ourselves stealth. I went into the restaurant and was able to get the wifi so quickly despite my inner fear that my perpetrator was sat there listening (when he actually wasn’t). We connected to the wifi so quickly and immediately made use of the app. We played the sound out loud and I heard it so clearly, he had my phone.

We walked up to him and though I was weary about any frantic reactions, I felt the urge to simply stretch out my hand to receive my phone. He immediately dropped it in my hand despite the shock in his face. He then proceeded to feed us with a story that he had found it on the pavement at uni and that if he knew it was mine, he would’ve obviously given it back to me. He claimed he hadn’t received calls or known who to contact as it was locked.

As we left, we began to break down the cracks in this story. First of all, it was not ‘on the pavement as it was my hand, I was using it before I got on the bus. Secondly, Obehi called me twice and even when it’s locked I can still receive calls. He had lied and had stolen my phone.

I cannot even begin to break down how overwhelmed we felt in that moment. God smiled upon us today even reflecting this with a weather change as on our way it had been raining and as we left to go home, the skies had cleared and the sun had come out. On our way, Lolade continuously said ‘The Holy Spirt will arrest him’, strengthening our spirits and making us realise that you cannot steal from the Holy Spirit. God truly arrested him and further than that my screensaver said it all: God does not slumber nor does he sleep. As my friend, Gwen interpreted; even as I was sleeping on that bus God wasn’t. He was alert even when I wasn’t.

So this story is for anyone waiting to see God’s power at work and perhaps doubting in his existence or not even sure of his existence. God is so real! This situation cannot be explained by coincidence nor can it be explained by logic because logic would say that by the time we got there, he should’ve been long gone. When God works, he makes it certain that the situation can only be his handwork. He leaves NO DOUBT  as to his miracles.

I have seen the hand of God upon my life, have you? Do you?


Peace & Love,




By Tolz 👑

My thoughts are best expressed by writing.
So that's what I do - I write.

It's how I make sense of it all.
My prayer is that someone somewhere is blessed or is able to relate to what I write.

"Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them..." ~ Romans 12:6

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