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#TVS III: ‘Believing the Facts’

A Compilation of Quotes

'Believing the Facts' - A Compilation of Quotes

Necessary Reminders
Words of Wisdom
Seeds of Thought
Juggernauts of Triggering Content

Things that have made me think

Shout out to my loved ones
And the books,
the videos,
the music,
the infinite amount of content which inspires me daily

Your words are powerful
They don't go unnoticed

“Work on the inward man, the outward man will follow”

– BLW Birmingham

“It’s about an incremental process where there is scope for continuous improvement” 

– Crane & Matten, ‘Business Ethics’

“There’s a washing of the mind required. The greatest deliverance is a sustained knowledge of the power at work within you through the Holy Spirit”

– Pastor Eldridge, Glorious Church Brethren

“Outward behaviour is only as a result of one’s inner life” 

– Joyce Meyer, ‘The Battlefield of the Mind’

“There’s power in allowing yourself to be known and heard, in owning your unique story, in using your authentic voice. And there’s grace in being willing to know and hear others. This, for me, is how we become.” 

– Michelle Obama, ‘Becoming’

“Your USP is you.”

– Emmanuel Sanya, AW4U

“Remember who you are” (a child of God might I add)

– Mufasa, ‘The Lion King’

“Do not go through life being afraid that nobody likes you. Do not harbour the fear of rejection. Instead, believe that God is causing everyone you come in contact with to like you, to want to be around you, to look upon you with favor.” 

– Joyce Meyer, The Everyday Life Bible (Esther 2)

“Forgiveness is kindness. You’re not kind enough to yourself.” 

– Camilla Mukungu, Camilla Speaks

“If you begin to think you need someone to function, you’ve created a soul tie.” 

– Tomilade Ososami

“Self-Love is a commitment to ACTION”

Blissful Pursuit

“Whatever I think in my mind, manifests on the outside.”

– Mayfair Ngondonga, The Student Business Coach

“The truth needs no validation” 

– Burna Boy, The Breakfast Club

“When you have an inexhaustible resource of love, you can then be a source of love for others.”

– ‘Dating in the Modern Age’, YouVersion Bible App

“To love others unconditionally, we must learn to love ourselves first unconditionally and that requires accepting ourselves” 

Kamsy Anyachebelu’s Interpretation of Matthew 22:39

“Our justification is forensic and final. However, our sanctification is progressive and modal.”

– ‘Should Christians go to AfroNation?’, Our God Given Mission

“Our value and our worth are not from anything we have or what we achieve but because we belong to the Most High” 

– Vanessa Inyang

“Fix your mind on other things and cultivate an attitude of gratefulness” 

– ‘Now your average YouTuber has a BBL’, Live from Layfield

“Works can’t save us. Only Jesus can.”

– ‘I Pretend Nothing With You’, YouVersion Bible App

“Great things happen when you allow God to be God” 

– Tolu Karunwi, Inspired by the Holy Spirit

“Even without a ‘love story’, God’s love will always triumph because He will love you unconditionally.”

– Vanessa Inyang

“A day with God is never a day wasted.” 

– Tolu Karunwi, Inspired by the Holy Spirit

“When everything is uncertain, it’s a time for God to show himself ” 

– Tomilade Ososami

“God is able to please your SPIRIT whereas you can only please your FLESH”

– Vanessa Inyang


So I’m pretty sure this song has made an appearance in the past – maybe even twice by now. But I cannot stress how much these words have comforted me on days where my insecurities truly want to eat me alive. The words to this song have become a solid reminder as to all the beautiful things God says about me. It’s none other than ‘You Say’ by Lauren Daigle.

I’ve also included another song which has always been one of my favourites by an artist I’ve been following since them X-Factor days. Although Genius might state otherwise, I truly believe this song is coming from a place of deep pain and the acknowledgement that no one but God will suffice in the rescue mission for one’s soul. I watched a brief YouTube video with him describing that it is spiritual in its tone and there’s no denying that the words to this song apply quite directly to who God is for me personally and who He can be for you as well (if you’re just getting to know Him or have an interest in doing so!) So my second #SoundOfJericho is, ‘Sermon’ by James Arthur. A beautiful fight song with stunning lyrics. I hope you are blessed as you listen to both.

I’ve also just felt the Holy Spirit tell me to make a playlist of fight songs in relation to seeking validation from the right source i.e. Jesus Christ and so I guess these 2 songs (plus some others which have just come to me as I type) will mark the beginning of a growing playlist for that specific purpose:



Peace & Love,

By Tolz 👑

My thoughts are best expressed by writing.
So that's what I do - I write.

It's how I make sense of it all.
My prayer is that someone somewhere is blessed or is able to relate to what I write.

"Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them..." ~ Romans 12:6

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