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An Act not A Feeling

“For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but shall have eternal life” – John 3:16 NLT

‘That he gave’




I’ve just spent the past few minutes grudgingly washing the dishes that – mind you – I offered to wash. Okay, fair enough I didn’t realise there’d be a mountain of stuff to wash and also I didn’t realise how irritated I would be about it. You see I have this problem yeah, where whenever I watch something I end up transporting & inserting myself into the situations I see play out on screen. And this evening I spent my time watching the MTV reality show, ‘Are You The One.’ So I’ve been hooked on this show because it’s centred around something I’m obsessed with – LOVE.

However, I’ve come to the realisation that what this show has done to my mindset is create yet another facade of what love truly is. It’s wrapped in love but what it really depicts 99.9% of the time is lust. And we all know how this is something I got confused from an early age. Anyway, I digress – the point is I ended up trying to create scenarios in my head of how I’d make myself desirable in such a situation as ‘Are You The One’ – which basically places 22, 20-something year olds couped up in a house together in the hopes that each person will find their “perfect match”. It’s crazy how condescending I sound because I truly do enjoy watching the show. But I think after praying for that spirit of discernment it’s become more apparent to me that because I enjoy doing something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s feeding my spirit in the right way.

I still haven’t gotten to my point. LOL.

My point is….Love is not a feeling. It’s an action. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the sentence, “I’m gonna go with my heart” or the conversation starting with “I feel” on the show. It infiltrated my mind so much this evening that the process of washing plates and cleaning up (which I usually don’t mind doing) became so aggravating because I was in my FEELINGS about why I haven’t found my ‘perfect match’ yet.

I love love. I am a lover of love. BUT I’ve noticed that the love I love isn’t always truly love. (Really tried desperately hard to create my own tongue twister there, teehee🙊 let me know in the comments if it worked) Because God so loved the world THAT HE GAVE. His love forced him to ACT and DO something so wondrous, so unheard of, so magnificent. His love forced him to save mankind and reconcile us with Him so he could continue loving us but this time at a closer proximity with an opportunity to be intimate and not have us be afraid of Him but to fear him. (i.e. one word – RESPECT homies)

I hope I haven’t lost anyone here but I’m just so excited that this notion has finally made sense to me. Because the way I hear some people describe their relationship with God and how much love is shared between them has confused me in the past – insert King David & basically every Psalm he wrote to the Lord:

One thing I ask from the Lord,
    this only do I seek:
that I may dwell in the house of the Lord
    all the days of my life,
to gaze on the beauty of the Lord
    and to seek him in his temple. (Psalm 27:4 NIV) 

I’ve wondered – how is it possible to be ‘intimate’ with God I mean I can’t kiss him, I can’t cuddle he isn’t exactly walking around in human form these days. But now I’m starting to understand. This intimacy isn’t displayed through the methods I’m accustomed to. This intimacy comes through appreciating the things God does for me – from the seemingly minute to the humongous acts of kindness he bestows upon me and those around me. This love that is so powerful, He can and will move mountains for me. His love isn’t just about mere affection of romantic gestures, it’s more than that – it’s about literally DYING for me. Like dying a gruesome, painful death for my sake. That’s true love.

“There’s no shadow You won’t light up

Mountain You won’t climb up

Coming after me

There’s no wall You won’t kick down

Lie You won’t tear down

Coming after me” – ‘Reckless Love’

I think I know the type of love I deserve to experience in my life. And I think I know the type of love YOU deserve to experience. The love of Christ. It’s the only love that makes sense and you know it when you experience it. Only someone whose experienced this same love can try their best to emulate it. I choose to be that type of person and I know with the Holy Spirit living in me I will be that type of person.

And guess what? You can be too :

If you want to experience the greatest type of love there is then join me in reading these words out loud –

Jesus, I thank you for being real. I thank you for dying on that cross to save me from self-destruction. I am grateful for your LOVE that knows no bounds. I want to experience it for myself. I want to know what it means to love and be loved by you. I confess all my sins before you those I am aware of and those I may not have even realised were sins. I ask for forgiveness right now and I receive you into my heart to be my Lord and Saviour – today and forevermore. In Jesus’ name I pray, AMEN.

You have always been LOVED.

You will always be LOVED.

Go in the peace of God and spread that LOVE.

Peace & Love,

Tolz ♡


Real Love’ by Cortes & Charlene Nash – I think the song says it all man. It’s what instigated my thoughts for this post so I know you will be blessed as you listen:

By Tolz 👑

My thoughts are best expressed by writing.
So that's what I do - I write.

It's how I make sense of it all.
My prayer is that someone somewhere is blessed or is able to relate to what I write.

"Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them..." ~ Romans 12:6

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