‘She takes an HONEST look at her past’ 

You know when you feel a message was written specifically for
YOUR eyes to see,

YOUR ears to hear &

YOUR soul to absorb?

I haven’t  felt this blessed by a message in a while. It is TOO apt for what I’m experiencing right now & so I thought it was only right to share it on this platform:



Every single word in this was relevant. We waste so much time reminiscing over situations in the past & what could’ve been instead of focusing on what could be! The past is there to teach us lessons, not to mull over.

So pick yourself up today, be re-ignited, be re-motivated.


PS: If any of you ladies are wondering where this message is gotten from, it’s from the ‘She’ devotional by Morgan Harper Nichols. It’s been such a source of strength for me this past year so I would most definitely recommend it. Get it here.

(S/O to Seri for suggesting it to me! <3) 

Peace & Love,



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