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Dr. Experience

“We cannot take the benefits without taking the risks”

Denning LJ on Roe v Minster of Health (1954)

Okay so I’m back with more of my legal jargon. Ironically, it’s connected to Tort Law yet again! Anyhow, I just found it interesting how quick we are to blame other people for mishaps. Fair enough, terrible situations do occur in life, especially within the medical field but I agree with Mr Denning who acknowledges how doctors have it hard already – the sheer nature of their job is difficult and most often than not based on Experience.

When reading this, I was reminded of the most recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy which was one of the most intense I’ve watched in a while. So as not to give too much away, the episode basically reminded me that for doctors they’ll always have that ONE experience which turned it around for them – whether it be good or bad, there will always be something that taught them what it means to be a doctor. I love the idea of this because I feel it excites me in a way – to take risks whether or not they provide positive or negative results and to keep chasing my dreams because that’s the only way I’ll catch up to them.

According to Denning LJ, “experience often teaches the hard way” and as sad as that may sound, it’s necessary to experience the downsides of life. A few months ago, I would’ve never thought I’d be able to admit to that because if I’m being completely honest, I’m kinda used to sailing through it all and never truly feeling the downsides simply because I don’t particularly enjoy feeling down. (I don’t think anyone does!) But my experiences so far at Uni have taught me that it’s okay to freak out, it’s okay to feel like a fish out of water, it’s okay to CRY. But when all that’s said and done, some growing up is required to balance it all out.

I don’t know about you but growing up seems more exciting than scary. I cannot wait to see what unfolds especially with the knowledge that:

“though he (I) may stumble, he (I) will not fall, for the LORD upholds him (me) with his hand.” – Psalms 37:24

Have a glorious week!

Peace & Love,



By Tolz 👑

My thoughts are best expressed by writing.
So that's what I do - I write.

It's how I make sense of it all.
My prayer is that someone somewhere is blessed or is able to relate to what I write.

"Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them..." ~ Romans 12:6

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